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The Magical Hunter




How a Kamui Transformation actually looks like to outside viewers. From Episode 2. 

i mean no wonder no-one’s stopping her transformations would YOU want to get into the middle of that?

don’t loose your way


my entries for the hq big bang of this year with mine! she wrote a very cute fic you all should read and i got to illustrate it, i had lots of fun doing this (and thank you for being patient with how slow i am at drawing)


"all girls dress the same"

Guy in my class on the topic of the school trip: Wait. There's only two beds per room? Whoa. No way. I am not sleeping with one of you. I'm not, like, gay or something. Cant we just pay for another room? Like, I'm not gay.
His friend: Dude just because we're sharing a bed doesn't mean you're gonna be waking up to a fresh cup of my dick up your ass